It could be glued directly on the shaft or it can be screwed on the adaptor of an arrow shaft. Removable blades, this type of broadhead is designed in such a way that an archer can easily replace the blade on the ferrule. Hence, there wont be any need to get rid of the entire broadhead if the blades are the only ones damaged during its usage. Mechanical or expandable blades, the initial position of this type of broadhead is retracted close to the ferrule. However, upon impact on the target, its blades would open up and expose the cutting blades. Nevertheless, a mechanical blade is only used on certain types of bow that can withstand the required power to open up its blades.

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it ideal for close-range targets only. Photo source: m, different types of broadheads, fixed blades. This is commonly used among traditional-style archers.

It is designed in such a way that the pour central parts of the limb would curve towards the archer while the tips of the limb would curve away from the archer. With this conformation, it gives this bow more power without exerting much effort on the bow. Hence, beginners would start off by using this type of bow. This is more difficult to manoeuvre and is not advised among beginners. It takes time to get used to this type of bow because a great amount of strength is initially required upon drawing. Despite this hurdle, compound bows are less affected by environmental factors making it more accurate than its other bow counterparts. Longbow, this type of bow was commonly used during the medieval era and is known for its simple design. It is made up of a long, slightly-curved bow that is directly proportional to the height of the archer. However, it is difficult to aim using a longbow and requires a great deal of practice. Just think on how great Robin hood was with his bow and arrow. That should be a good motivation for you.

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There are different kinds of archery for you to join. It is all a matter of preference as to which type will suit you the most. . Nonetheless, for some of you who are still new to this sport, there are also some tips for you on how to get started with archery. Once you have already practiced your moves, you are on your way on becoming a bona fide archery enthusiast. Once you are afflicted with the addiction brought about by your love for archery, there may come a point in time that you start collecting items related to this hobby: from different types of bows and arrow to its different parts, like the broadhead. Surely you will never run out of things to hoard in the world of archery and here are just of the examples to choose from. Different types of bows, recurve bow, this type of bow is commonly seen among horsemen. In the modern days, this is used particularly during Olympic events.

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